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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in (CS 3992 OR ECE 3992) AND (CS 5780 OR ECE 5780) AND (Full Major Status in Electrical Engineering OR Computer Engineering).
This is the capstone team project course for Computer Engineering majors who do not choose to do a thesis or an ECE clinic. The CS/ECE 3992 teams remain intact and the goal is too build and demonstrate the project that was proposed and approved in CS/ECE 3992. Students in this class do not meet in a classroom setting. Each team will meet with the instructor once each week for approximately 1 hour to discuss progress and/or problems as well as demonstrate scheduled milestone results. At the end of the term students are expected to demonstrate their entire operational project to an open house crowd of interested faculty and students. Friends and family are also welcome to attend. A final written report is also turned in which documents the details of all aspects of the project.