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Prerequisites: 'C-' or better in ECE 3300 AND Full Major status in (Electrical Engineering OR Computer Engineering).
Brief review of transmission line theory and Smith Chart, general theory of waveguides, TE, TM, TEM modes, some commonly used waveguides and transmission lines including microstripline and its variations for microwave integrated circuits, matching techniques including conjugate matching, passive components, scattering matrices and signal-flow graphs, ABCD parameters, directional couplers and hybrids, power dividers and combiners, signal-flow graphs for microwave amplifiers, microwave resonators and filters including design considerations, filter design by image parameter method, constant-k and m-derived filters, maximally flat and equal-ripple filters, coupled-line filters, ferrite components. Biweekly laboratory assignments to design, fabricate, and test microstrip circuits: e.g., low and band-pass filters, coupled-line filters, directional couplers, etc., using professional-level computer software and network analyzers.