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Corequisites: 'C-' or better in ECE 3510 OR ME EN 5200 OR ME EN 6200 OR CH EN 4203.
Energy conversion and sources of mechanical energy. DC generators, droop curves, parallel operation and load sharing. Three-phase AC power and three-phase to two-phase transformations. Permanent magnet synchronous generators. Droop curve sand nose curves. Operation on a DC bus with a rectifier and three-phase inverter. Squirrel-cage induction generators. Grid-tied operation on a self-excited induction generators. Wound-field synchronous generators. Stand-alone and grid tied operation. V-curves, active and reactive power curves, and operating limits. Control of active power, parallel operation and load sharing. Doubly-fed induction generators. Decoupled control of active and reactive power at variable speed. Large synchronous generators and power system stability.