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Prerequisites: ENVST 2100 AND ENVST 3364 AND ENVST 3365 AND (ENVST 2050 OR AP Environmental Science score of 3+)
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Community Engaged Learning
This course is designed as a capstone experience for students in the ENVST Food Systems and Community Resilience Emphasis Area. Food movements are playing an increasingly vital role in the development, promotion, and success of justice, sustainability, and health movements throughout our society. From "eat local" and Community-Supported Agriculture practices to garden-related voluntourism, eating itself has become a merging of the personal and the political that can either reject or embrace a commitment to justice, sustainability, and health. In this course, students will explore political and economic factors that affect a just and sustainable food system, consider how our food choices promote or discourage justice and sustainability, and navigate the ways that our food cultivation, preparation, and consumption is related to healthy lifestyles. And there will be cooking, canning, and field trips to local farms and restaurants. *Students not in the ENVST major are welcome in this class, please e-mail the department for an add code.