Course Detail
1.0 - 4.0
Course Components:
Field Work
You will be spending a specified number of hours each week for the entire semester in a dental office. This will be detailed in the contract that you and the evaluating dentist will sign and deliver to Dr. Mirci. This course is designed to help reinforce the material that was covered in KINES 3080 and KINES 3081. You should be able to solidify what was learned in KINES 3080 and KINES 3081. You will be able to witness actual teeth being prepared and restored in a clinical setting in many of the way that were discussed. You will be able to see the different injections that are given in dentistry and review which nerves are being affected. The intent is that the Dental Terminology that the student learned previously in 3080 will become very familiar and comfortable. During the semester you will be able to see how a small business is run. You will also observe interaction between dentist, patients and staff. Hopefully you will be engaged and learn and experience the dental profession over a semester.