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Prerequisites: 'C-' or better in ((ART 2201 & ART 2202 & ART 2203 & ART 2204 & ART 2205 & ART 2206 & ART 2207 & ART 2208 & ART 2400) OR (ART 2200 & ART 2250 & ART 2400)) OR completion of Graphic Design 1st-year Review OR Full Major status in BFA Art.
This course is a deep exploration into the architecture of the human anatomy. The live model, skeleton, anatomy book, and flayed cadaver sculpture are all used to explore the form and space of the human figure. Perspective, cubic space, and topography are emphasized as the plastic means of expression. The human figure, rather than an absolute reality, is a continuum or synthesis of various ways of knowing.