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Prerequisites: C- or better in ((PHYS 3060 OR PHYS 4070 OR PHYS 4080 OR PHYS 4090 OR ASTR 3060 OR ASTR 4070 OR ASTR 4080 OR ASTR 4090) AND PHYS 3740 AND (MATH 3150 OR MATH 3140 OR MATH 5440)) OR Graduate status in Physics/Astronomy.
A core course intended for graduate students of Physics & Astronomy. This course explores the properties of present-day galaxies and the evolution of galaxies over cosmic history based on recent results from multi-wavelength observations and simulations. Topics include Milky Way structure & populations; galaxy classification, morphology, and dynamics; distance measurements; the interstellar medium; star formation and star formation rate indicators; chemical evolution; dynamical evidence for dark matter; dark matter halos; black holes and active galactic nuclei; galaxy interactions and mergers; the intergalactic medium; galaxy clusters and groups; and galaxy evolution from high-redshift observations and simulations.