Course Detail
Course Components:
This is a course specifically designed for current and future educators in higher education. Most college and university instructors state they want to be equitable and anti-racist educators, yet very few have an educational preparation in these areas. In this course, we will explore the concepts of inclusion, equity, diversity, and anti-racism contextualized specially for higher education. We will examine how to become an inclusive instructor for students of color, international students, neurodiverse student and students with dis/abilities, queer students, first generation and non-traditional students. We will investigate the history of inequity in the academic setting along with the resulting consequences for individuals and communities. In this course, you will participate in discussions, create a presentation on how to navigate difficult conversations in your discipline, and develop an anti-racist action plan that you can use as an educator. Research indicates that reflection is a powerful learning tool, so there are built in reflection papers for each section of the course. We read from a variety of thoughtful and provocative books and articles to both to challenge and strengthen your thinking. By reading closely, and completing the assigned activates and assignments, every student can be successful in this course.