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Prerequisites: ECS 6640 AND ECS 6641.
This is a seminar course for graduate students. This course concerns itself with the study of the racialized mechanisms by which U.S. educational institutions foster and maintain hostile environments and racial microaggressions. Consideration is given first to the kinds of institutional climates that have historically existed in our society, to their bases and sources. Next, the course will review some of the major explanations social analysts have developed to account for why People of Color, in general, and African American, Latino, and Pacific Islander American males, in particular, are stratified in inferior statuses in the United States based upon disparate treatment. The course will then turn its attention to the analysis of examining contemporary White racial ideologies, educational practices and structures, and the negative racial climate that maintain racial, ethnic, and social inequalities. Following the aforementioned discussions, the course will provide students with an understanding of the normal processes of sequential biological, sociological, cultural, and psychological costs for Students of color.