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1.0 - 3.0
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Prerequisites: Students must be Teaching Assistants in ECS Department OR Instructor Consent.
This course provides structure for faculty supervision, mentoring, and instruction of ECS Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs). It also is intended to institutionalize regular peer collaboration, consultation, and support among the TAs. The purpose of the seminar is not to address the specific content knowledge associated with the various courses for which TAs are responsible; rather, it is to explore the challenges and possibilities of college teaching for social justice in the day-to-day contexts of those courses. Accordingly, the students (TAs) will bring in questions and concerns as well as handouts and activities for previous and upcoming weeks. Although there will be some readings and handouts from the course instructor, as well as short lectures and demonstrations, a major purpose of the seminar is group discussion and emergent exploration. This course is required for and restricted to current ECS TAs.