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Prerequisites: Greater than 2 years in the Honors Ultrasound Program.
This course is a capstone course for students in the Ultrasound Honors Program. Ultrasound Honors IV involves a mixture of advanced scanning, independent study, near-peer teaching, research, and quality improvement projects related to ultrasound education in the school of medicine. Ultrasound Honors IV allows students who have spent multiple years in the Ultrasound Honors program to have focused time to invest in these endeavors and advance their ultrasound skills in their four years of study. Students will divide their time between scanning patients in the emergency department, teaching ultrasound to more junior medical students (clinical and didactic), completing a project (research or quality improvement for the Ultrasound Honors program), and studying advanced ultrasound modules. The teaching and project component of this course is especially important, as students may be in a position to develop ultrasound programs for their residency, specialty, or beyond in the future. The objective is to provide mentored experience in these professional skills as they relate to ultrasound. Students will decide their individualized elective plan and project in coordination with the course director in advance of the course. This course requires permission from the course director to enroll. It is intended to provide students who have participated in >‚Äč 2 years of the Ultrasound Honors Program an opportunity to further develop their ultrasound clinical and leadership skills before becoming interns. Participation in at least two years of the Ultrasound Honors program is essential preparation for this course. This course is designed to hone a foundation of well-developed ultrasound skills into advanced ultrasound skills and requires independent scanning. Those who have not completed the prerequisites would not be able to perform at the level expected for this course.