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Prerequisites: Intermediate or Full Major status in the School of Business OR Entrepreneurship Minor OR Certificate of Entrepreneurship OR Full Major status in Quantitative Analysis of Markets & Organizations OR Instructor Consent
The purpose of this hands-on course is to arm you (as an entrepreneur or marketer) with value-driven entrepreneurial marketing tools and best practices to generate revenue and profit for a business. Through adaptive learning readings, class lectures/discussions, guest speakers, simulation, discussion boards, quizzes, and fresh case studies from both big companies and start-ups we will learn the theory and framework of marketing and brand-building. This will arm you with a toolkit to apply these marketing strategies across a range of categories and industries in startups as well as bigger companies. Key topics include: Strategic planning, SWOT, segmentation, targeting, brand positioning, the 4P’s of marketing, brand-building frameworks and brand equity pyramids, marketing strategy, and marketing plans, including marketing mix choices within these plans. Finally, as part of tying it all together, you will do a real-world final project that will integrate the semester learning.