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Prerequisites: Full Major or Minor status in Entrepreneurship OR Full Major status in Quantitative Analysis of Markets & Organizations OR Instructor Consent.
The Foundry is designed to function as a business incubator for entrepreneurship students, and is taught using an interactive experience-based curriculum. The objective of the course is to provide students with the tools, concepts, and peer support system needed to develop and validate business concepts. This course challenges students to develop and test nascent ideas, and gain hands-on experience with the process of creating a business concept. After completing this course, each student will know how to validate a business concept and produce documentation suitable for launching a company around that concept. Students will explore (1) how to define a concept, set up a series of hypotheses about it, test hypotheses quickly, rigorously, and cheaply, and (2) refine those hypotheses. Recommended prerequisites: ENTP 5770 and ENTP 5771.