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Prerequisites: GEO 1100 AND MATH 1220 (recommended for ESCT major, required for other GEO majors), GEO 2100 ) AND PHYS 2220 (or PHYS 2020 for ESCT major) AND GEO 2500, AND GEO 3100 (includes PHYS 2210, or PHYS 2010 for ESCT major).
Structural geology is concerned with describing and quantifying strain (deformation) observed in rocks and relating that deformation to tectonic stresses (forces) in the past. In this course, students will learn to recognize and describe a wide variety of tectonic structures and interpret the geologic history of rocks and regions based on your observations and measurements at a variety of scales. By the end of this course, students should be able to: a) characterize the composition and geometry of rock bodies, with an emphasis on geologic map and cross-section interpretation. b) Explain the fundamentals of stress, strain, and rheology and how they pertain to rock deformation. c) Relate rock deformation to plate tectonics. And d) articulate the fundamental principles of structural geology as they pertain to studying Earth processes and human interactions with these processes. Students will achieve this by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting geological data in field, lab, and classroom settings. Field trips required. Two lectures, one lab weekly.