Course Detail
1.0 - 8.0
Course Components:
The 8-week Introduction to ambulatory sports medicine course is intended to provide students with a broad introduction to basic sports medicine. Most physicians in primary care, along with the subspecialties, will have occasion to treat patients who have been injured while participating in sports activities. They will have the opportunity to be a team doctor. This course provides students a basic understanding of sports medicine principles and provides hands on, field training as athletes perform in their events. Students will learn how to wrap ankles and other joints, learn the clinical reasoning and treatment rationale for concussions, common ligament and tendons strains, wounds and dislocations. The students will learn to diagnose and treat common shoulder, knee, hand and foot injuries as well. Students will learn the pathophysiology and pharmacology for the injured athlete and proper prevention methods. Student will study appropriate nutrition for a performing athlete. Students will be assigned to a care-team to attend practice and games on a weekly basis and should take initiative to interact directly with the players and coaches. Students will work with several sports medicine physicians in their clinics to learn treatment and follow-up of the injured athlete. A preceptor will be assigned to the students weekly.As a result of successfully completing Ambulatory Sports Medicine, students will be able to: 1. Perform an appropriately focused physical examination on an athlete 2. Suggest a basic differential diagnosis and recommend basic therapy for sports injuries 3. Learn the theory behind and how to wrap ankles and other joints. 4. Learn the pathophysiology and the treatment protocols for concussions 5. Learn the pathophysiology and treatment rational for common sport tendon and ligament injuries 6. Demonstrate an understanding and treatment for common joint injuries 7. Demonstrate understanding of the pharmacology in the care of sports injuries