Course Detail
Course Components:
This course provides 2 parallel tracks for students from clinical medical or non-clinical backgrounds, with a focus on practical in-person shadowing and observations in real-world clinical and engineering/biotechnology settings. Students from non-clinical career backgrounds (engineering, business, etc.) will focus on introductions to the US healthcare system, including the medical training system, clinical medical departments, other affiliated healthcare specialties and careers, and US hospital systems. A key element in the course includes in-person observations of surgical procedures, medical clinics, hospital departments, and related settings. In contrast, students from clinical career backgrounds (physicians, nurses, therapists, etc.) will focus on engineering and biotechnology industries, with in-person observations and shadowing opportunities in the CMI (Center for Medical Innovation) engineering lab, The GApp (Therapeutic Games & Apps) digital health software development lab, BME biomedical engineering labs at the University of Utah, and at partner companies in local medical device and biotechnology industries.