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Prerequisites: 'C-' or better in (BCOR 3040 OR MKTG 3000 OR MKTG 3010 OR MKTG 3011) AND (Intermediate or Full Major status in the David Eccles School of Business OR Full Minor status in Professional Sales OR Full Major status in QAMO).
What do customers want from the marketplace? Who will buy our product? Where should we locate our store? Good business decisions require the answers to hundreds of questions like these. Marketing research is the science of studying the marketplace to get solid answers to support good decision-making. In this class, you will learn about different sources of business data (some that exist already and some that you will have to gather yourself), and spend the majority of the course focuses on the skills you need to design and perform good business research yourself. Among other techniques, you will learn about experiments and observation, surveys and interviews, focus groups, and data analysis. This dynamic class brings together a whole array of tools that every good business person needs for effective decision-making. You will use fieldwork, in-class exercises, discussion, and lectures to cover basic principles first-hand experiences, cases, and projects, as you study these important ideas. This course is required for Marketing Majors. Students desiring to do an Honors Thesis in Marketing must complete this course by the end of their junior year of matriculation.