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Community Engaged Learning
Homelessness, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, air quality, access to healthcare, academic success are some of the issues facing our communities. What are the root causes of these issues? Where do we even begin to address these large and complex challenges? This course has four purposes: 1) introduce students to the theoretical preparation necessary to engage in community work; 2) guide students through learning, discussions, and reflections on the power of collaboration and community movements; 3) facilitate an introspective understanding self, privileges, identities, talents, and power to create positive change in the world; and 4) help students dive into a long-term community engaged learning project that addresses an important community need. The course explores the diverse challenges facing our communities, and investigates the Social Change Model of Leadership. Over the course of the semester, students develop the civic competencies that are needed to make a meaningful contribution to a better world.