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Prerequisites: 'C' or better in CVEEN 2140 AND 'C-' or better in CVEEN 3610 AND CVEEN 3615 AND Full Major status in Civil Engineering.
The objective of this course is to present chemical principles that are important in aquatic environments, and to treat quantitatively the variables that govern the composition of natural waters. Students will be encouraged to use principles developed in this class to analyze and find application in groundwater and soil remediation. The topics to be presented will follow those divisions by Stumm and Morgan, including energetics and kinetics, acid and bases, dissolved carbon dioxide, precipitation and dissolution, coordination chemistry, oxidation and reduction, and solid-solution interfacial processes. An important goal is to develop the tools and considerations necessary for tackling environmental problems involving natural waters. Students are encouraged to examine current environmental issues and analyze them using the tools developed in this class. Analytical skills using microcomputer software for quantitative description of kinetic and equilibrium processes will also be developed.