Course Detail
Course Components:
Students will be guided in the selection of a research mentor, development of a research project proposal. Students will be required to complete the human protection training and guided through the process of IRB proposal preparation and submission (if required). An IRB application is required if you propose to use human subjects, tissue, or data. Guidelines for Research Project Proposal: Research Project Proposals contain sections titled: Specific Aims, Significance, Innovation and Approach, Statistical Analyses, Timeline of Study, Bibliography, Biosketches or Student and Mentor. Maximum of 5 pages (not including Bibliography or Biosketch). Single spaced 11-12 pt font, 0.5-inch margins. Include information on planned dissemination of research results (poster presentation, oral presentation, or publication). Draft of the proposal is due by end of the semester, will be reviewed by a faculty mentor and 2 other SOD or University faculty members.