Course Detail
Course Components:
This course centers and extends women of color feminist theorizing through a focus on border theory/borderlands/liminalities embedded within diaspora, postcolonial, queer, futurist studies. Women of Color scholarship is situated as key to understanding, tracing and rethinking epistemologies, ontologies, politics and embodiments of a (post)colonial world. We will particularly attend to identifying how border theory, and specifically feminist theorizing of dislocations, is enacted, felt, theorized, and reimagined. An initial set of foundational readings—Alexander, Anzaldúa, Lorde, Spillers, Wynter—provides shared analytics to carry across the following areas: empire, migrations, feelings, enfleshments, materialisms, sonic geographies, third space and futurities. Feminist border/transloacality/diaspora studies is a multidisciplinary field; thus we draw on writings and art forms in anthropology, cultural studies, education, ethnic studies, geography, history, literary studies, philosophy, and political science.