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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in H EDU 4950 AND Emphasis in Emergency Medical Services
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Community Engaged Learning
The purpose of the EMS Internship is to advance and enhance students' community engagement and professional growth through integration of classroom theory with planned, supervised, practical, and meaningful work experience in the field of EMS. In this Community Engaged Learning (CEL) designated course, students will gain a deeper understanding of the real challenges and rewards of practicing EMS competencies in a community setting. Each student will work with a community partner to create and accomplish individual goals that will address their organization’s needs. As they actively engage in the community, students will gain a deeper understanding about how to integrate key concepts from the EMS curriculum in a real-world setting. Students will reflect on how their understanding of the community and the need they are working to address has evolved through their CEL experience. Additionally, students will improve career readiness by creating a professional online presence, practicing interview skills, meeting with a career counselor, and networking. Students must receive prior approval from the internship coordinator before beginning their internship.