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Humanities Exploration
Humanities scholarship, through the study of language, literature, history, philosophy, and communication, aims to offer insight into the foundational questions and challenges that motivate and vex the human condition and our efforts to forge community. For this reason, since its formation in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries until today, humanistic study has been vital to the formation of practical wisdom, the humane functioning of society, and the expansion of cultural understanding. Across this history, “Great Books,” both enduring and contemporary, have recorded the Humanities’ effort to bring to bear critical thinking to meet challenges and imagine new futures for the human experience. With lectures from leading faculty across the Humanities disciplines, intensive small group discussions, and a focus on impactful texts representing a cross-section of cultures and contexts, “Great Books in the Humanities” engages students in that same tradition of interpretive, analytical, and critical thinking as equipment for meeting challenges from industry to education and politics to pop culture.