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Prerequisites: 'C' or better in ((ME EN 1010 OR CS 1000 OR CH EN 1703) AND (MATH 2250 OR (MATH 2270 AND MATH 2280)) AND (PHYS 2210 OR PHYS 3210 OR AP Phys C:Mech score of 4+) AND Full Major status in Mechanical Engineering.
The mechanics of robots, comprising kinematics, dynamics, and trajectories. Planar, spherical, and spatial transformations and displacements. Representing orientation: Euler angles, angle-axis, and quaternions. Velocity and acceleration: the Jacobian and screw theory. Inverse kinematics: solvability and singularities. Trajectory planning: joint interpolation and Cartesian trajectories. Statics of serial chain mechanisms. Inertial parameters, Newton-Euler equations, D'Alembert's principle. Recursive forward and inverse dynamics.