Course Detail
2.0 - 4.0
Course Components:
Independent Study
This preceptorship provides an opportunity for military medical students to explore areas of interest within military medicine with a specific focus on developing leadership skills. This course is designed to allow military medical students the opportunity to get credit for their branch specific officer basic training course. In order to qualify arrangements have to be made with the course director prior to attending the office basic course. The student will meet with the course director and have a copy of their official orders prior to enrolling in this elective. In order to complete the course, a second meeting with the course director is required to go over their official evaluation (i.e. Officer Evaluation Report/OER for the Army). Successful completion of the officer basic training course is required to get credit. We are unable to give credit retroactively for officer basic courses already completed. This course is pass/fail, but any relevant narrative comments from the official military evaluation will be added to the students record.