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Prerequisites: 'C+' or better in (SW 6001 AND SW 6002 AND SW 6030 AND SW 6040 AND SW 6110 AND SW 6120 AND SW 6140 AND SW 6240) OR Graduate Standing in Social Work OR Department Consent
This 3-credit practice course builds on generalist year HBSE content and explores the person in environment from a bio-psycho-social perspective across the life span as one encounters challenges to one's physical health. Knowledge of specific major health/illness issues such as diabetes, cancer, disability, and pain management are presented from acute, chronic, and terminal condition perspectives. The accompanying psycho-social impact of these conditions on individual and family systems is discussed within a framework of cultural and ethnic diversity. The realities of SW practice in interdisciplinary health care settings (hospital, rehab, long-term care, home health/hospice and community-based care) are explored, as well as the impact of public health policy (Medicare, Medicaid, managed care) on social work practice and the role of prevention in health care. Social work values and ethics (e.g., confidentiality, self-determination, locus of responsibility) and their application to practice in health settings are addressed.