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Prerequisites: 'C+' or better in ((SW 6001 AND SW 6002 AND SW 6030 AND SW 6040 AND SW 6110 AND SW 6120 AND SW 6140 AND SW 6240) OR (SW 6040 AND 6121 AND 6200)) AND Graduate Standing in Social Work
Students will learn the theoretical frameworks and analytical tools to apply critical diversity paradigms, such as whiteness theory, to social work practice. In particular, we will continue to examine social positionality, the ways in which it may be reinforced or undermined by social structures, and how both shape our development as social worker practitioners. Students will learn to analyze and deconstruct their practice interactions and experiences to render visible the influences of social categories, particularly their own, in the process. This will be accomplished through readings and examples worked through in the classroom and in small groups, and through the analysis of verbatim segments from their practice.