Course Detail
1.5 - 3.0
Course Components:
Recent developments in electronic commerce and information technology have motivated firms to rethink their supply chain strategies. Cross-functional coordination within the firm and inteegrated decision-making throughout the value chain, from sourcing of raw materials to delivery of finished goods to customers, are critical to success in any industry, be it service or manufacturing oriented. Topics of discussion include outpartnering and virtual integration, process redesign for effective supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, and the role of information agents in changing product and service management strategies. Class discussion is motivated by case studies that examine emerging supply chain strategies and associated information technology systems being adopted by firms in a variety of industries. This course is sequenced with other courses in electronic business. It builds a good foundation for courses like "Marketing in the Information Age," which focuses on marketing strategies for the customer end of the technology integrated supply chain, and complements information systems courses such as "Systems Analysis and Design" and "Database Theory and Design."