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Prerequisite: MGT 6070 and FINAN 6020.
Cooperative strategies have become a prominent feature of the modern competitive landscape. This course focuses on mergers and acquisitions, in which one firm takes over another, and on alliances, in which two or more firms join forces, from a strategic perspective. The course is intended to increase the effectiveness of students at analyzing issues related to technology, strategy, and organization as they apply to these actions. Characteristics of successful and unsuccessful mergers and acquisitions are examined in detail. Similar concerns for alliances are developed in detail, and the benefits of networks of alliances in the information economy are emphasized. The strategic choice of startup, alliance, or acquisition as a way to increase the knowledge and capabilities of a firm is developed in detail, as this is perhaps the single critical decision in the knowledge driven economy. Finally, issues surrounding managing mergers and alliances to increase the chances of strategic success are covered.