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Sign up for this class and take both the Music Technology Workshop and the Digital Audio Engineering Workshop for $50 less then you would pay for signing up for each one individually. The first workshop, Music Technology Workshop, provides an intensive overview of the terminology, equipment, software, and techniques used for electronic and computer music. These include the Macintosh operating system (OS 9 and OS X), digital editing software (ProTools, Sound Studio, Amadeus, Peak), formats (sample rate, bit rate, compression, mp3), sequencing and notation software, music related HTML, MIDI interface, synthesizer parameters and voice editing, and an introduction to synthesis using Max/MSP and SuperCollider. The goal of the second workshop, Digital Audio Engineering, is proficiency in multi-track digital recording and editing for music composition, CD production, film/video soundtracks, etc. Topics will include microphone types and placement, mixing consoles, routing strategies (sub-groups, aux sends, headset sends), software sessions (Digidesign ProTools, Sound Studio, Peak), and digital signal processing (compression, delays, reverb, eq, gates). This workshop will focus on practical application of session techniques in the U of U School of Music multi-track studio electronic music studio. Music Technology Workshop (see above) or similar experience with digital audio and the Macintosh interface (OS 9 or X) is recommended. Both workshops are designed for both musicians and non-musicians.