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Like the imprint of an ancient bone in a piece of rock, a rut in a dusty track carries with it stories of passions and goals, hardships and victories, and lives lived and lost. The migratory routes that passed through Utah shaped not only the people and history of our own state, but that of the West as a whole. In this class, we'll look at diaries, journals, maps, photos, slides, and lore as we examine the life stories and history of each trail that enters or travels through Utah. We'll also discuss problems faced by historians in correctly interpreting journal entries and tying down referenced locations. Separating fact and myths is an important part of historical research, so we'll also look at reinterpreting previous assumptions based on more recently found journals and scholarly research. Expect lots of interaction and exchange of ideas, as well as resources for those wishing to pursue extended personal probing of trail accounts. We'll also share resources for self-directed tours. Gar is a charter member of Utah Crossroads Chapter of the Oregon California Trails Association and serves as President of the Mormon Trail Association. He regularly conducts tours of the various western migration routes to Oregon and California that run into and through Utah. Gar has helped to mark the trails and produce guides to finding trail ruts, river and mountain pass crossing points, and other points of interest; he also helped produce The Guide to the Mormon Trail from Iowa to Salt Lake City.