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Does Ultimate Reality really exist? This class will continue the discussion raised by the movie 'What the Bleep.' We'll begin by looking at two basic and conflicting views as to what reality truly is: the outside in view; which centers around the idea that we create everything with our minds; and the inside out view; in which there is some ultimate absolute cosmic reality. Next, we'll discuss the nature of time travel, focusing on the fact that science has discovered at least 11 planes of existence (10 of space and 1 of time), and that time is the plane of existence that ties everything together. Scientific versus theistic views of existence will be the next topic we tackle, and we'll finish the class with the question: Can we really 'KNOW' anything? Is there truly an ultimate cosmic reality, or is everything simply perception? Dr. Stuart Schaller is a retired professor of mechanical engineering and theoretical physics at Cambridge University, in England.