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Prerequisite: Completion of NURS 6350.
This is the fourth in a series of four clinical practicum courses designed to develop skills in psychotherapy, psychosocial and cognitive rehabilitation, case management, and prescribing of psychotropic drugs. The course is a continuation of N6350, and builds on student's skills in assessment, diagnosis, and beginning skills in individual, group, couple and family therapy. Students study various theoretical and methodological bases for family and group therapy in N6340, severe mental illness in N6330, and are expected to continue to study special issues pertinent to ALL clinical practice throughout their clinical experiences. The focus of the practicum seminars is on increased independence of prescriptive practice skills, and special topics in therapy. Students continue to develop their skills in individual therapy, and psychopharmacology as well as in other areas of direct care (e.g., consultation/liaison nursing, psychoeducational support for families with severely and persistently mentally ill individuals, inservice education, and milieu therapy). Objectives for specific clinical experiences are negotiated between the student and her/his faculty and clinical agency supervisors. A comprehensive clinical examination is given at the end of the semester to determine the student's ability to synthesize various theoretical perspectives with clinical skills.