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We cannot live without thinking. We cannot live without moving. Yet so often our thinking is stressful, our movements painful. Experience Tai Chi-Chi Kung to heal the body and quiet the mind. Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese practice involving slow, circular movement, deep breathing, and a relaxed mind, in combination with tranquil meditation and self-massage. When the movements of Chi Kung are combined in sequence, the result is Tai Chi, a moving meditation. We relax into a way of thinking and a way of moving that become a way of life, one which we can practice forever, regardless of age. Tai Chi and Chi Kung improve circulation, muscle tone, cardiovascular functioning, range of motion, balance, and posture. We begin to flow with life as nature flows, seeing the beauty and the wholeness of both sunshine and rain. In this session, we will practice Yang-style Tai Chi. The class is suitable for beginning and continuing students. Class size is limited.