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As countless famous photographers have shown us, it is light that makes the photo. In this hands-on class, working both in and out of the classroom, we will talk about why light matters and how to control it. By critiquing your photos and the instructor's, we will learn to see light and understand which lighting works (or does not work) and why. We'll then focus on available-light photography: learning to see the excellent light around us, how repositioning yourself can dramatically improve your photos, and how to use the reflective surfaces found in every environment. You'll also learn how to use your camera's detachable flash to enhance available light; when to use your camera's different metering modes (evaluative or matrix, partial, spot, etc.); how, when, and why to switch between your camera's auto and manual modes; and tips and tricks gleaned by the instructor from years of work and seminars. Students will be asked to email five photos to the instructor for constructive critique at the first meeting; we'll critique new work during the final meeting. Prerequisite: know your camera.