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Learn how to create captivating characters, build suspense, and use structure to create a film or TV story that's exciting, moving, and entertaining. We'll talk about the key to writing memorable scenes, setting up your story for maximum dramatic payoff, character growth, deepening your story, writing great dialogue, and correct screenwriting format. Along the way, we'll view and discuss clips of classic and representative movies. We'll also cover finding the right agent for you, selling without an agent, living outside the Hollywood area, how to pitch without striking out, and protecting your rights. Dave Trottier has sold several screenplays and has developed projects for The Walt Disney Company, York Entertainment, Hill Fields (for ABC), and others. A professional script consultant and teacher, he has helped dozens sell their work and win or place in contests. His book, The Screenwriter's Bible, is now in its fourth edition. He has conducted screenwriting workshops at more than 30 universities.