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Prerequisite: Masters status in the School of Business.
This course addresses the diagnosis and management of human behavior in organizations. One of the keys to your success as a manager is the ability to generate energy and commitment among people within an organization and to channel that energy and commitment toward critical organizational goals in an ethical and responsible way. Doing so requires a thorough understanding of the root causes of human attitudes and behavior, as well as knowledge of how your actions and the surrounding organizational context influence those attitudes and behaviors. The course is designed to help you develop this understanding of human behavior in order to enhance your managerial effectiveness. The specific learning goals of the course are: 1. To increase your conceptual and analytical knowledge about human behavior in complex organizations at the individual, interpersonal, group, and intergroup level and to examine how organizational, societal, and cultural contexts affect these behaviors; 2. To increase your awareness of your own and others? assumptions, motivations, and values in managerial and organizational interaction; 3. To sharpen your skills in problem definition, enrich your set of diagnostic models, and refine the process you use to generate and select action alternatives.