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This course provides information on the categories of commercial property and the financial elements involved in real estate investments. Agents will learn to identify the four main categories of investment property and will be able to list the significant characteristics of each; they will obtain knowledge on the financial anatomy of investments and how to establish market value and return on investments. All students registering for this online course must have a valid email address and the technical proficiency to surf the Internet, send and receive email, and download PDF files. This course can run on either Windows-based PCs or Macintosh OS computers. This course requires an Internet connection, 56k modem or greater, and a browser requirement of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or greater. Completion of this course awards 6 continuing Education Units as approved by the State of Utah Division of Real Estate. This course DOES NOT provide pre-licensing credit. This course is considered LIVE credit by the State of Utah Division of Real Estate.