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Prerequisite: Member of Honors College.
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International Requirement
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Honors Course
Meets with UGS 3005. In this age of globalization, leadership takes on new and complex meanings. Future leaders need to display an understanding of political, economic, and social global forces and the skills to manage those forces within organizations. The ability to identify priorities, obtain necessary resources, implement policies, and achieve results is constrained by these global forces. Global capitalism, democracy, and communication technologies call for a new kind of leadership, but what kid and for what end? What does it mean to be a leader in the age of globalization? The International Leadership Academy explores these themes and questions in theory and in practice. The first half of this course examines leadership from different theoretical perspectives and focuses on key concepts associated with leadership. The second half of the class specifies they types of leadership in different organizations as well as investigates different kinds of issues which call for leadership in an era of globalization. The International Leadership Academy consists of three components: the International Leadership Seminar, the Mentoring Program, and an optional International Opportunity.