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Prerequisite: Introductory level metallurgy or materials science course.
Meets with MET E 6290. The course will cover the principles of material behavior and synthesis at the nanoscale, and its application to a wide range of industrial and biotechnology applications. A historical development and an overview of the nanotechnology is first provided followed by treatment of the basic physics of behavior at the nanoscale. This is followed by (i) synthesis of particle and structure at the nanoscale using vapor phase, physical vapor deposition, commination and electrochemical approaches for use in metallurgical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical, electronic, ceramic, agricultural, and other applications, (ii) processing and mechanical behavior of nano-scale structures, (iii) electrochemical synthesis and characterization in nanostructures including micro-/nano-machining, (iv) magnetism at the nanoscale and principles and fabrication of nanoscale magnetic devices, (v) biochemical processing, and (vi) Nanoscale characterization using AFM, STM, MFM, TEM and other techniques.