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Intended for people already comfortable with working in the UNIX environment, this in-depth course, designed to prepare students to take the LPI 1 102 and Red Hat Certified Technician certification exams, gives students the variety of skills needed to set up and maintain Linux computers. The class concentrates on the popular Red Hat distribution of the Linux operating system, and covers subjects ranging from initial installation of Linux to day-to-day administrative tasks such as management of user accounts and disk space, to the trouble-shooting skills system administrators will need to cope with unexpected behavior. It is highly recommended students complete EDTEC 511 or pass the LPI 101 exam prior to taking this class. Admitted U of U students may take this course for credit. Register for CS 2963-001 through the Campus Information System. This course covers the second half of CS 2963-001 or CS 2963-002. For more information, call (801) 581-6061. Tuition includes course materials.