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Prerequisite: U2M2G/MSCI Trainees.
This is an intensive retreat aimed at instilling the fundamentals of good grantsmanship. Trainees spend an 1 ? day weekend developing skills with an emphasis on preparing proposals for granting organizations with missions in translation and human health (American Heart Association, NIH pre- and post-doctoral fellowships, American Lung Association, March of Dimes, private, disease-focused foundations). Didactic time is limited to key elements so that the majority of the attendee?s time is spent writing/revising with detailed critique from a group of senior investigators (please see Budget Justification for schedule). Depending on the student and proposal, the goal of the weekend will vary: developing the human disease relevance of the study, hypothesis development, refining Specific Aims, presentation of preliminary data, or developing an organized, feasible research plan. In preparation, students will consult with their thesis and MSCI mentors at the end of fall semester and write a brief summary of the scientific focus, stage of development, and target funding agency of their proposal. These summaries are used to assemble a group of mentors that includes faculty with specific, complementary scientific and clinical expertise in addition to the rotating group of U2M2G faculty mentors. This U2M2G bootcamp is mandatory for U2M2G PhD/MSCI scholars and will be open to other trainees, post-doctoral fellows, MD/PhD and CCTS trainees by application; an average of 16-20 trainees and16 faculty will participate in each session.