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Prerequisites: Students must be enrolled in a graduate program in audiology or speech-language pathology.
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Community Engaged Learning
Modeled after successful programs in medical education, this course will contain both didactic and hands on instruction. The instruction will include lecture, small group activities, hands-on training, and discussion panel of professional interpreters. Course content will address sensitivity to cultural beliefs and practices, how these beliefs and practices relate to health and medical disparities, and best practices using professional interpreters during CLD patient/caregiver interviews, assessment, and treatment. To target development of clinical skills when working with CLD patients, students will engage in hands-on, instructor-led role playing scenarios to provide guided practice in how to interview CLD patients using interpreters. The training scenarios will consist of a trio comprised of one CSD student acting as the SLP, one CSD student acting as the CLD patient or caregiver of a CLD patient with a communication disorder, and one CSD faculty acting as the trained interpreter. Students will conduct interviews via the standard protocol used for patient/caregiver interviews at the University of Utah Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic.