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This letter-grade continuing education graduate course is a Wilson Reading System® Level I Practicum. Steps 1-6 are intended to prepare the participant to effectively implement a multisensory structured language-reading program with at least one student reading and spelling below grade level, or one diagnosed with a language-based learning disability. This course will provide the participant with deeper content knowledge and skill enhancement while engaged in a supervised practicum implementing a research-based instructional strategy. Each participant will acquire a sophisticated working knowledge of the sound-symbol system of English (phonology) and its structure (morphology) as well as the use of specific diagnostic methods in teaching reading and spelling. Satisfying the requirements of this course includes the identification, assessment, and approval of a practicum student in grades 4-12 with significant word-level deficits. This practicum student must be available for a minimum of 2-4 tutoring sessions per week until practicum requirements are met (typically one school year). Each tutoring session requires 60-90 minutes in length. The practicum entails successful delivery of a minimum of 65 Wilson Reading System (WRS) lessons and teaching mastery through WRS Step 4.2. Please note that for this course to count toward the USBE’s Secondary Interventionist Endorsement, educators must implement Higher Steps in a small group of secondary students (i.e., grades 6-12).