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Prerequisite: Genetic counseling students or permission of instructor.
At MotherToBaby UT, students will expand their knowledge of clinical teratology with the goal of having a foundation of teratology counseling to provide exposure information to clients in a subsequent perinatal rotation. Course topics include principles of teratology and pharmacology, congenital anomalies, known teratogens, client counseling, lactation, substances of abuse, maternal depression, herbal medications and occupational/environmental exposures. Students will engage in readings, lectures, exposure reviews, group discussions, teratology call observation, and case conferences. At Myriad Genetic Laboratories, students will learn about the different roles that genetic counselors can assume in a commercial laboratory setting. Course topics include variant classification, review of genetic testing technology, review of interesting cases, and discussion of Myriad products. Students will participate in lectures, group discussions, scientific article review, and call observations.