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Prerequisites: Full major status in Occupational Therapy.
This course explicitly highlights self-awareness and interpersonal communication as integral to therapeutic relating, professional development, working with other professionals, and to therapeutically relate to clients, students, families, and populations with various cultural differences. Learners will have the opportunity to identify strengths and areas for professional development in interactive communication skills during class using the intentional relationship model. Students will examine how culture affects them as practitioners of occupational therapy as well as how culture shapes the occupations and perceived needs of their clients. By having a deeper appreciation of the ubiquitous role of culture in the therapeutic relationship, students will deepen their understanding of factors that can affect how therapy is perceived by clients. Building on this understanding, students will further examine therapeutic use of self and begin to develop interviewing skills necessary to build rapport and to collaborate with clients. This course will also demonstrate how ethical reasoning needs to be employed when relating to clients of all backgrounds. To enhance understanding of the clients’ occupational needs occupational justice and emerging practice areas will be highlighted.