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Community Engaged Learning
Honors Course
The goal of the Being Human in STEM class is to create a space for dialogue between STEM students and STEM faculty to investigate together the theme of diversity and climate within STEM. The course combines academic inquiry and individual stories to understand how students’ identities shape their experience in STEM. The course has two components that are intertwined throughout the semester: 1) Reading and discussion: during one of the two weekly class meetings, we ground our understanding through critical reading of primary scholarly research as well as media sources (e.g. podcasts, films); occasionally we’ll welcome guests to enrich and inform our discussions. Example topics include implicit bias, stereotype threat, imposter syndrome, antiracism, intersectionality, as well as the role in STEM of gender, race, LGBTQIA+ identity, dis/ability, and many others. 2) Project development: the other weekly class meeting is devoted to the design, execution, and evaluation of interventions led by the students with the goal of improving the experience of STEM students at the U. At the end of the semester, students present their group projects to the campus community via a public event. This course is aimed at students across STEM fields and pre-medical students. Students who don't have major status but are interested in the course may be approved upon the instructor's consent. Find out more about the class on the website: The course is part of a national initiative. Learn more at: