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Field Work
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Co-requisite: INTMD 7983. Prerequisite: MDID 6550 AND 6555.
The Tribal, Rural, and Underserved Medical Education (TRUE) SummerRural Immersion Trip (RIT) is an opportunity for medical students enrolled in the TRUE Certificate to gain a greater understanding of the challenges and joys of living and working in a TRU community. Medical students who have completed year 1of theTRUE Certificate course work (MDID 6550Introduction to TRU Population Health and MDID 6555TRU Health Care Systems, Delivery, and Resources)will spend 1 week in a rural Utah community, observing firsthand the many roles that providers and community health organizations play in assuring the health and wellbeing of their fellow community members. By participating in this trip, medical students will examine rural populations through the lens of public health, community outreach, and the integration of health care system and the community organizations working to maximize health and wellbeing, thus building a foundation of knowledge, attitudes and attributes that are essential to contextualize subsequent and more advanced rural health education.