Course Detail
Course Components:
This course is centered on introducing work with diverse communities in the US, through increased knowledge of communities and groups, as well as the establishment of cultural humility practices. The front door of community engagement is the development of a relationship with community health workers, who are part of the education team of University of Utah medical students. This class, taught by community health workers and faculty. Educational materials are organized into weekly themes based on essential competencies needed to perform culturally competent community engagement, including communication, earning trust, maintaining confidentiality, developing an ever-evolving awareness of health problems, social determinants of health, and developing personal cultural proficiency plans. Students will be assigned a different reading/video each week, and to write or make a video about their reflection on the topic. For 1 hour each week, faculty will lead a discussion with a CHW, based on weekly assigned material. At the end of the course, students will produce a reflection personal statement that can be used for their ERAS applications.