Course Detail
0.5 - 2.0
Course Components:
This elective is intended to provide medical students with experiential learning in medical education, curriculum development, and change management, as they actively participate in the MedEdMorphosis process ( Students will learn about and apply medical education theories and principles as they partner with other students, staff, faculty, and community partners to identify issues, generate ideas, design programs, and manage implementation of change. The experiences gained through the elective will be particularly beneficial to students who have interest in academic medicine and medical education. Students will be able to tailor the participation in the elective to their needs and interests via a rolling credits system based on level of involvement in MedEdMorphosis activities. Students can opt to receive either non-clinical or clinical credit, based on the primary focus their participation. For example, participating mostly in MD Program Implementation activities, especially in Phase 1, such as helping pilot PBL or design assessments would merit non-clinical credit, while helping pilot student-led clinic operations would merit clinical credit. At the time you seek permission to enroll, be prepared to identify the amount and type of credit you would like to receive.